Shotguns are a fantastic and versatile firearm designed to normally be fired from the shoulder. shotguns use the energy of a fixed shell to fire a number of small pellets called shot, or a solid projectile called a slug. Shotguns come in a wide variety of sizes, the most popular being 12 gauge and 20 gauge. Shotguns also come in a range of firearm operating mechanisms, including breech-loading, single-barreled, double or combination gun, pump-action, bolt, lever-action, revolver, semi-automatic, and even fully automatic variants. There are some great Home Defense Shotgun choices that are semi-auto Magazine Fed Shotguns. Here at Atlantic, we carry a wide variety of shotguns to include AK47 ShotgunAR15 shotguns, and other Tactical Shotguns. Buy Cheap shotguns made in usa.

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