What would happen if the U.S. military’s guns were replaced with AK47’s?

What would happen if the U.S. military's guns were replaced with AK47's?

What would happen if the U.S. military’s guns were replaced with AK47’s?

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That would never happen just for American pride’s sake. But as a career army soldier that soldiered through the cold war and beyond it’s one hell of a great rifle. Not one assault rifle on earth and in history has been so successful and basically hasn’t changed a bit. Buy ak47 here

First and foremost it a powerful caliber assault weapon at .308 (7.62mm-ish) as opposed to our M-16 and M-14 being .223 (5.56mm).

It’s a people stopper and dead-on a straight trajectory when firing. If you want that stopping power American in our military you have to move up to the M-60.

Or M-240B

The storied history of the Kalashnikov is celebrated beyond equality. It is literally everywhere on earth and probably will be for a long, long time still to come. It has a massive magazine and basically never jams in even the worst of environments. It’s simple to maintain and breakdown. Don’t take much oil to operate at optimum. They don’t shoot tracers like NATO so it stays nice and cool. As a recon scout, I know many weapons and that’s my one choice push comes to shove rifle period if I had to pick up one of many on the battlefield including the M-16/4. It is superior in every single way when at its raw manufactured off the line basics before all the extra gear is installed.

You got to understand. Russians build things to last and actually on the cheap too. Their military equipment is crude, raw, utilitarian, ugly, rarely fail,s and simple to maintain. Perfection!

Just like the former Soviet Union soldiers; in your face up close and personal, boot on your neck, a bullet to the brain and move on to the next- no-frills necessary. Strictly business! I always respected that of my enemy. Too bad I would have had to kill them before they killed me. Pity. 😉👊

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